Our story unfolds in a family where food was the heart of every gathering. Raised in a lineage of restaurateurs, Frank Conigliaro, found his creative outlet in crafting recipes that embody the essence of exceptional flavors, creativity and cultural influences from his many travels abroad. 

Sandwiches emerge as the preferred playground, offering endless possibilities for flavor experimentation. With an unwavering dedication to elevating classics, Bobby Bay’s takes shape—a haven where each creation is a masterpiece crafted from a culmination of culinary adventures.

Bobby Bay isn’t merely a sandwich shop; it’s a celebration of quality, hospitality, and passion. Our mission is straightforward: to serve the best sandwiches and salads in Lancaster County, thoughtfully curated from the highest quality ingredients. Join us at Bobby Bay, where love for great food, a commitment to quality, and a passion for surprising taste buds converge in a vibrant atmosphere curated by dedicated foodies. 

frank conigliaro

1878 E. Lincoln Highway, Lancaster, PA 17602